Nutrition and Diet Counselling

 Individualised diet counselling is carried out by trained dietitians in patients' regional language. Nutritional assessment of patients is done and advice is given based on the assessment and life style of the patients.One of our registered dietitians will work with you to go over your current diet, review your treatment goals, and develop a meal plan tailored to your specific needs. 

They are helped to adopt healthy eating practices over a period of time. Difficulties in adhering to the prescribed diet regime are discussed during every visit and practical suggestions are given.Group sessions are conducted for patients and their attendants in order to reinforce messages and clear doubts through activities, games and discussion.The hospital dietary services provides special meals to all the inpatients based on their nutritional requirements and patients' dietary pattern. Trained dietitians in consultation with doctors plan meals for patients and supervise meal preparation and service.Basic information about diet in diabetes is provided to all the patients and additional informative materials are provided as per the needs of the patients. Patients diet related queries are answered on phone or through/letters/emails


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 For an appointment with a dietitian, please call 9845010359


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