This department provides routine integrated examination of the feet of diabetic patients. The services of the clinic include education of the patient in the practical aspects of foot care. The early recognition of foot complications are emphasised and special advice is given about the selection of footwear.

The Foot Center is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians specializing in podiatry, vascular surgery, infectious disease, orthopedics, plastic/reconstructive surgery, as well as nurses and orthotic technicians.

The Clinic emphasises that most of the complications are preventable with adequate education, routine foot care and attention to footwear and early detection followed by specific advice and treatment. The services offered by the clinic provide the best opportunity to prevent complications resulting in amputations.

The Foot Clinic includes modern units with state of the art facilities,

Several useful products for people with diabetes have been displayed in the Dia Shoppe. Products are also available at a nominal cost. People can choose a wide variety of products for foot care and insulin delivery system etc.we provide the best quality footwear at the lowest prices. This footwear for persons with diabetes, specially prepared using Micro Cellular Polymer is available at the Foot Clinic. Customization of Footwear (Shoes and Sandals) for patients with calluses/corns and deformities in foot is now undertaken by the Footwear section of our centre.

What can I do to take care of my feet?

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