Jaundice Diet


ü  Rice, cereal porridges, soft chapathies, bread, ragi, oats, maize, barley, etc

ü  Vegetable soups, vegetable salad, fruit salad, boiled vegetables, potatoes, tapioca, yam, sweet potato, carrot, beet root, etc

ü  Fruits and fruit juices

ü  Sugar cane juice.

ü  Buttermilk, skim milk.

ü  Tender coconut water.

ü  Sugar, jaggery, honey, etc

ü  Biscuits, soft custards without cream, Ice creams.

ü  Keelanelli juice, radish leaves juice.




Natural Treatment for Jaundice


Recommendation : 2000 kcal & 70g protein







Early Morning


Keelanelli juice- 30 ml/ Radish Leaves Juice- 30 ml




6: 30am


Skimmed Milk-150 ml


8:00- 8:30am

Idly - 3 nos OR Dosa - 3 nos OR idiyappam-3 nos OR Chapatti-3 OR Upma -1 cup OR Wheat Bread - 4-5 slices AND Sambar-1 cup OR Chutney OR Vegetable Curry-1 cup OR Corn flakes-1 cup  OR Oats porridge-1 cup  with skimmed -milk -200 ml AND Egg white-1.

Mid Morning

10:30 – 11:00am

Fruit -200gm OR

Salad -1 cup OR

Buttermilk 150 ml OR

Veg Soup OR

Any fruit juice-150ml Or

Tender Coconut Water


12:30- 1:30pm

Rice -2 cups (75g uncooked rice) OR Chapatti- 2 nos AND Vegetables-1 cup AND Fish curry-3 nos OR Egg white-2 nos OR Paneer-75g OR Soya bean-50 gm AND Buttermilk -1 cup.

Mid Afternoon

3.00 pm

Orange Juice-150 ml Or Sugar cane juice-150 ml.

Tea Time

4:00- 6:00pm

Milk -150ml AND

Marie Biscuits-3 nos OR

Bread Toast-2 slices OR

Veg Sandwich-1 No.


8:00- 9:00pm

Rice -2 cups OR Chapatti -3 AND Vegetables Salad-1 cup OR Egg white-1 OR Paneer-50g OR Soya bean-30g AND Butter mik-150ml.

Allowance per day

Water-2 litres

Oil 1-2 tsp (5- 10 ml)

Sugar 3-4 tsp (15-20g)

Salt 5g (1 tsp)

Skimmed milk 500 ml/day


Keelanelli therapy for jaundice: Add some cardamom to keelanelli leaves, along with a spoon of turmeric powder. Add an onion to it and grind the mixture. Mix this with a glass of milk or buttermilk and consume it twice a day – morning (on empty stomach) and night.

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