A Team of Experts

A patient knows they are not alone, there is a friend they can trust, in their hour of need-their doctor. Here, we're committed to improve the health of our communities by providing quality, early detection, treatment and prevention of complications of the alarming growing number of diabetics in the population. To advice patients about the importance and role of diet in diabetes, comprehensive and compassionate care.
We want our community to rest assured that worldclass diabetic care is available to them in a comfortable location right here.We understand the shock you get when the diagnosis is made to you and we feel it is our duty to allay your anxiety and answer all your questions and make you feel at ease. We realise it is most important to educate you about the disease and its management so that you feel confident that you can handle it and get on with life with full vigour. We have a full team of Senior Specialists in diabetes,opthalmology,nephrology,vascular surgeons , dieticians,nurses, podiatricians etc to take care of all your diabetic needs all under one roof.

Education: The Key to Managing Your Diabetes 

Good diabetes management starts with learning skills you can use to make good food choices, increase your physical activity in an appropriate way and monitor your blood glucose level.BDC's expert team of Certified Diabetes Educators, including nutritionists and exercise physiology, can help you learn those skills. 

 Our clinic evaluates the physical, social and emotional/cognitive status of patients and identifies specific barriers patients and families have in performing diabetes self-management skills.

Each patient undergoes a comprehensive evaluation that includes assessments of:

We welcome and encourage family member and care-giver participation during patient visits.

The goal for patients cared for through the  Diabetes Program:


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